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Dawn Henderson: producer
Vancouver, Canada
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Y is a made for television interview show currently in production.
On this show, we video tape interviews with people on a wide range of topics.
These include spirituality, science, social issues, environmentalism, philosophy, metaphysics, consciousness, mysteries, arts & culture health, self development, history, politics and world changes

The shows will act as a vehicle of exposure for authors, teachers, scientists, philosophers, explorers, great thinkers and interesting personalities. We hope to have a more casual, relaxed, philosophical conversation style of interviews.

As well as listening to your opinions, ideas, theories and desires, we encourage each participant to share any of their own personal beliefs about the meaning and purpose of life if they chose to.

The interviews will (sometimes) take place in more natural locations such as walks on the beach, around campfires, etc.

Along with your interview we would feature any websites, books, seminars, places or products you may want to promote.

Join us and express your unique visions, perceptions and stories.
If you would be interested doing in an interview or you would like to know more about the project. Call or email us and we will contact you to set up an interview at your convenience.

Thank you

Dawn Henderson

Y Productions
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